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Yuri's Dream( A Yu-Gi-Oh ARC V fanfic)
Setting: Paradise City 8:30 AM
In Yuya Sakaki's household, a large breakfast was in the works, cooked by his mother Yoko Sakaki. The blond was hard at work, flipping pancakes and frying eggs as her son and his three dimensional counterparts awaited, along with Sora Perse. It wasn't a school day, so afterward they were all going out to duel together.
Yuri yawned as Yuya and Yuto were in the middle of a table top game. "And as you can see, my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon defeats your Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin!"  Yuya's voice called.
"But remember, since he's an Xyz Monster, he has Rank, not Level, so Odd-Eyes doesn't deal doubled damage." Yuto reminded him.
Yugo had his hands underneath the table, twiddling his thumbs on a small gaming handheld resembling a Nintendo 3DS. Yuzu Hiragi walked in, removing a scarf with a flourish.
"Good morning, everyone!" Yuzu called.
"Oh, good morning Yuzu!" Yuya answered.
Yuri smirked to the pinkette with his purple snake-like eyes focused on her
:iconssjxed:SsjxEd 0 2
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Damn. Link Monsters haven't even been introduced to the YGO OCG and TCG and people are already making overpowered combos,

(Also my sister's family is likely going to stay over a lot since it's Spring Break. So probably not a lot of drawing or writing is going to get done for a short while.)
Kaya The Giant Duelist Babe
"Hello down there~! Any of you tiny guys feel like a game?"

Yeah, sorry if I'm disturbing you by tying a fetish(giantess/macro) into my all time favorite anime elements, because I don't want to offend.

But, this idea was naggin' at my brain so here we are. Sorry ^^;

Anyway, Kaya is a 4000 ft(Although she can grow bigger) tall human Yu-Gi-Oh OC that enjoys duel monsters( but can only play with giant stone pallets instead of real cards ^^; ), is a tad bit clumsy, and enjoys hanging out with ordinary people. Not entirely sure if the buildings are meant to be to scale or not, but I don't really know how to do proportions. :( Also I gave her an Arc-V "LightDuelDisk" because I'm too lazy to try and approximate the original or the GX model.

Hope you enjoy!~

Kaya belongs to me.

Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi.

Here's my commission info if you guys are interested.…
Ugh my frickin' teeth are itching and aching. it's pissing me off.
Huey Freeman
HA-HA!! Kicked out something a little different this time. This time, it's Aaron McGruder's comic strip/cartoon character Huey Freeman, from The Boondocks. I can't speak for the comic strip because I never read it, but I can say this-he is awesome! His calm and intellectual demeanor is the perfect foil to his younger brother Riley. On top of that, he is a martial arts enthusiast(but then again, A LOT of people in the cartoon seemed to know martial arts) as well as being proficient with a sword. He is also an activist for various things, despite being only 10.

Huey Freeman and The Boondocks belongs to Aaron McGruder and Sony.
Expanded Eevee
Poor Evie XD
She just CAN'T get used to her massively expanded curves. Or people constantly bursting in on her when she's trying to get dressed.

Evie the Eevee belongs to :iconthefurrykid:

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.
Am I losing watchers? If so, then why did you stop watching me?

If it's because I haven't uploaded much, Ive been depressed lately. If its because my artwork doesnt suit your tastes, I understand. I don't upload much more than furry art lately, but I'm trying.


SsjxEd's Profile Picture
Ramon Giles
United States
I am a young man who loves anime and manga. My artwork will encompasse many different areas and genres, from action, and horror, possibly even romance and ecchi(I am not a perv. Still, it's probably safe to assume that a portion of my art will be mature content.) I currently have no access to any form of digital media outside MS Paint, so most of my stuff will be traditional media.

I write a few fanon manga series, as well as anthro(otherwise "furry") art. Some mature. I do requests on a selective basis.

As for art itself, i love furry characters, although I don't understand fursuiting. I enjoy tasteful pinups-again, not a perv- spanking art-I find it tremendously funny- and awesome/badass scenes.

Just a few TV shows/animes/cartoon shows I like:
All the Dragon Ball series(GT included. I am not canon prejudiced), all the Yu-Gi-Oh series, Attack on Titan, Winx Club, Ben 10, Parasyte, Ed Edd N Eddy, The Big Bang Theory, Danny Phantom, Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, Deadman Wonderland, King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, the Walking Dead, Soul Eater, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and a few others more than likely that I'm forgetting.

I also love Internet interaction. Feel free to give me comments if you want, or possibly notes if you just wanna talk, give tips, or virtually anything. Just keep it nice.

I am an avid participant in fanfiction, and am writing fanfic mangas, although I can only work on one consistently at a time.

Got a question for my anthro OCs? Go to warning: NSFW. Minors stay away. Although I don't have much NSFW content on there.


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